An employee who is on leave affects the productivity and morale of an organization in many different ways.  How do you have a viable impact on rising employee healthcare and absenteeism costs? By implementing an effective Return to Work Program!

Benefits of a Return to Work Program

Return to Work (RTW) does more than just cut costs and keep the employee active and participating.  It outlines specific guidelines and restrictions which keep the employee safe. This can have a significant impact on preventing further injury.

Other benefits include:

  • The costs associated with an employee on leave due to illness or injury are reduced.
  • Raises morale and makes employee feel valued
  • Maintains the employer/employee relationship.
  • Maintains an experienced and productive workforce.
  • Reduces the costs associated with replacing workers altogether.
  • Employee gets the benefit of maintaining the skills necessary for the job.
  • Keeps an employee engaged and working productively while they recover.
  • Keeps lines of communication open between employers and the employee’s physicians as specific restrictions are implemented.
  • Allows the employer to continue to support the employee through their limited contribution.

How Does a RTW Program Work?

The purpose of an effective RTW Program is to keep people working within their limitations safely while getting them back on the job as soon as possible.

This is done through a specific time period or indefinitely–but, it’s only in your hands –as the employer — to implement it!

Employee health doesn’t have to be hard.

A good Return to Work program safely transitions an injured employee back into the position they once held previously.

Partnering with Axiom allows you to be supported from the time your employee goes on leave, to the time they return. We provide functional capacity exams, medication reviews and 24/7 nurse case managers to assist your employees every step of the way through recovery.

This allows you the freedom to focus on your business while we get your workers back to their job, quickly AND safely.

It’s just one of the ways we’re transforming occupational medicine. 

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