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Join us in helping your clients create a safe and healthy workplace. We welcome partnerships with Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) that prioritize innovative and comprehensive workforce solutions. Axiom Medical will help you grow your business by expanding access to best-practice health and safety products.

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At Axiom Medical, we create workplace healthcare solutions for employers of all sizes and industries. Whether needing injury care or support for unplanned employee absences, our team builds custom-tailored programs, backed by the latest technology and science-based medical approach, to manage workforce health effectively. A safe workplace requires a healthy and productive workforce.
Who Partners with Axiom Medical?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) 

Axiom Medical works with renowned PEOs. Through our strategic partnership, we work closely with you to grant exclusive access and benefits while serving clients nationwide. 

Risk Management 

Every workplace and workforce has a degree of risk. The challenge lies in leveling risk. Effectively mitigate risk with Axiom health and safety solutions. 


Through advanced technology-based apps and science-based approaches, Axiom Medical can assist clients with workplace healthcare management, OSHA outcomes, and cost containment. 

Third-Party Administrators (TPA) 

We build lasting relationships by offering our services to clients of any size, large or small. We collaborate with a network of nationally acclaimed third-party administrators across the nation

Insurance Brokers 

Whether it’s health screening apps or employee testing/vaccination, Axiom Medical offers all such products to help clients achieve their workplace healthcare goals. 

Partner With Us! 

Isn’t it time to start working smarter, not harder? Speak with one of our Channel Partner Managers regarding best-practice, plug-and-play solutions available. 

Total Worker Health from Axiom Medical 

Injury Case Management

We help employers effectively manage workplace injuries while decreasing OSHA recordables. Highlights include immediate intervention with first-aid measures.

Employee Absence Management

Axiom Medical’s Employee Absence Management program manages each stage of your employees’ leave progression.

Axiom Client Portal

Axiom Client Portal empowers employers with control over health management. Real-time updates, case submission, and role-specific access ensure operational.

Axiom Medical App

Workforce empowerment with Axiom Medical’s app—24/7 access to healthcare, screening, and case management for a safe workplace.

Behavioral Health

Axiom Medical seamlessly integrates physical and mental health assessments, ensuring comprehensive care with expert support and guidance.

Occupational Healthcare

From employee testing to vaccination, our Occupational Health Programs feature everything you need to keep a workforce healthy.
Why Partner with Axiom Medical

Charting the Path Together! 

  • Best-in-Class Health and Safety Products
  • ✓ Ongoing partner support
  • ✓ Access to a new revenue stream
  • ✓ Amazing opportunity to expand business
  • ✓ Earn referral commission
  • Long-lasting partnership with clients

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