Employee Absence Management

Managing employee absence to reduce leave abuse and eliminate productivity loss.

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Say goodbye to self-service software programs, which merely track employee leave. When employees are out on extended absence because of personal health matters, our certified medical practitioners offer a concierge-type experience through each stage of the leave progression.

You can expect:

  • Navigation through the entire recovery process by certified medical practitioners.
  • Frequent status updates and leave reporting.
  • Custom-tailored treatment plans to champion early recovery progression.
  • Necessary documentation management.
  • Return-to-work facilitation.

Axiom Medical EAM

Return to Work

Certified practitioners and specially trained registered nurses work closely with employees to create a safe return to work schedule, maximizing productivity and minimizing risk.

Medication Reviews

Axiom’s registered nurses monitor your employees’ health by reviewing their medication dosage, effectiveness, and potential side effects that could impact their ability to perform their duties safely- all through a detailed, HIPAA Compliant Medication Review process to reduce medical claims and short-term disability costs while helping employees recover quickly.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Employers can include this during the pre-hire process to screen new hires to check their ability to perform work duties. Employers can choose between a modified (most common) FCE or a full FCE with options of DOT or non-DOT physical and specific testing tailored for that role.

Contagious Illness Case Management

Reduce absenteeism by allowing Axiom to continually manage contagious illness for your workforce. Our trained registered nurses prevent illness outbreaks through early detection, keeping your workforce safe, healthy, and on the job.

Cost of Absenteeism

  • Loss in Multiples of Salary
  • Loss in Productivity
  • Cumulative Lost Time of Full-Time Positions
  • Loss in Quality

Why EAM with Axiom

Managing employee attendance is a strategic business action to reduce productivity loss due to employee absences. While companies should support their employees experiencing health issues and needing sick leave, there are many instances when employees abuse these policies.

A comprehensive healthcare approach with an EAM service provider helps businesses and organizations closely monitor their workforce’s health while managing workers’ compensation and absenteeism costs. Eventually, such a program addresses your workers’ health while encouraging a quicker return to work.

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