Welcome to Axiom Medical’s Personal & Short-Term Disability Management Program. As part of our employee absence management program, we offer disability absence management to help employees with their recovery journey and help employers reduce their overall workers’ compensation and disability claims. Unlike many other companies who only provide medical case management for work-related injuries, Axiom Medical handles non-work-related disability. Our short-term disability absence management program offers a premium service for personal injury and illness.

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Personal & Short-Term Disability Program Highlights:


Axiom Medical’s Disability Management Program provides support for your employees to ensure a safe and quick return to work. Our nurses act as a guide for the injured employee throughout the entire recovery journey while keeping the employer updated on his/her return status. Besides evaluating an employee’s current disability and establishing appropriate treatment plans, Axiom Medical also manages all the documentation such as FMLA forms.

Our Personal and Short-Term Disability Case Management service:

  • Provides medically appropriate recommendations that are necessary and cost-effective
  • Coordinates, monitors, and manages every aspect of the ill or injured worker’s treatment plan
  • Provides medical professional oversight
  • Assists with the design of light-duty, alternative work, and other programs to minimize indemnity exposure and maximize cost control
  • Evaluates rehabilitation needs of the ill or injured worker
  • Review each case to ensure Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance

At Axiom Medical, we handle both injury-related and illness disability-related employee absence management for our clients. Our Employee Absence Management (EAM) team assists with employee injury and illness, resulting in short- and long-term disability.

Our personal and short-term disability program helps employers to:

  • Decrease medical claims costs
  • Decrease administrative workload
  • Provide quick return to work plan
  • Bridge communication between all appropriate parties
  • Decrease short- and long-term disability costs
  • Evaluate rehabilitation needs and assistance with transitional duties throughout the recovery

    Our service helps employees in several ways. Some of the top advantages of employees are:

    1. Return To Work:

    Our team of registered nurses will determine when your employees are safe to return to work with a Fit For Duty Exam (FFD). The FFD enables them to return to the job safely while maximizing productivity.  

    2. Medication Reviews

    Appropriate medication management is essential to ensure your employees’ recovery and a quick return to the job. Axiom Medical’s registered nurses will gauge your employees’ safety by reviewing a medication’s effectiveness, dosage, and potential side effects that could impact their ability to perform work duties safely.  

    3. Functional Capacity Evaluations: 

    Do your employees have what it physically takes to do their job? Axiom offers Functional Capacity Exams. Choose between a modified (most common) FCE or a full FCE. The Functional Capacity Exam is more comprehensive than the DOT or non-DOT physical and assesses every employee’s job function based on specific testing tailored for their role.  

    What Does the Axiom Disability Absence Management Team Do?  

    Whether your employees are out of work due to health issues or injury and disability, Axiom’s Employee Absence and Disability Team supports the employee by advocating for and promoting a speedy recovery.  

    Our Disability Absence Management Team consists of highly qualified, licensed medical professionals experienced in claims management and proficient in workers’ compensation and disability regulations. We understand the need to maintain a balance between employer goals, employee health needs, and a physician’s ability to provide quality healthcare. Our team communicates with the ill or injured worker, third-party administrator (TPA), treatment provider, and employer to ensure appropriate treatment is delivered while focusing on an early return to work to facilitate this balance.  

    What is Personal and Short-Term Disability Absence Management?  

    In simple terms, Personal and Short-Term Disability Absence Management oversees the process of employee time off due to illness or injury and disability. Employers utilize the policies of absence management to reduce sick leave abuse and unnecessary productivity loss.   


    They Said It!

    I believe with confidence that we are reaching all of our expected goals by bringing Axiom on as an outsourced case management solution.

    Axiom has helped us closely monitor the injured employee’s progress through the medical treatment process. Early treatment has kept our employees at work when in the past they would have likely taken time off or been placed off by a physician.

    I recommend Axiom because their Nurse Case Management Team is their biggest asset. They are accessible, give great reports and are responsive to our needs.



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