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Axiom Medical offers 24/7 Medical Case Management, administered by our in-house, medically licensed and OSHA trained professionals. At Axiom, we take a fresh approach from traditional case management. Our team goes beyond the conventional route to provide employees and employers with timely care with unprecedented single-point-of-contact management. We work closely with both employers and employees to manage the following processes.

Axiom Medical Behavior + Mental Health


Keep the small things small and minimize the risk of mental health crisis after an injury or incident with routine, in-app health assessments, early detection, and immediate intervention first aid.

Easy to Use

Always available, easily accessible app-based health technology with easy-to-follow mood icons for behavioral health screening. 24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.


Tempo Live utilizes best-practice, proven frameworks for data security, privacy protection, and compliance-seamlessly integrating with existing services and workflows

How We Can Help

Quality Care

210,000 cases, (over 70% of total cases) kept at the first aid level through quality injury management process

Improve on Investment

Over 300% ROI in clinic fees, keeping employees productive at work, and best in class outcomes on OSHA recordables

Return to Work Facilitation

Over 2.4M days saved by preventing or minimizing days away from work

Injury Case Management

Looking for ways to cut cost, not quality? Check out Axiom Medical’s proprietary Injury Case Management ROI Tool, which quickly measures your profitability impact of employee injury/illness.

Axiom Medical Telephonic Case Management:

The key to successful incident and injury case management is providing immediate access to care. With timely intervention, while also minimizing work comp claims, employees may be given appropriate first aid measure treatment recommendations to aid in their recovery process. With over 70% of cases being managed in-house with first aid measures, most injuries do not require formal medical attention. Some benefits of telephonic case management include:

  • Quick access to first aid
  • Early diagnosis of medical condition
  • 24/7 access to medically trained, licensed medical professionals
  • Assistance with referral, should a higher level of care be warranted
  • Custom-tailored recovery plan
  • Return to work facilitation

Axiom Medical ICM Services

Axiom App

Track your workforce’s health with employee self-service health screening anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Health Metrics

Reduce the cost of medical and emotional outcomes and increase productivity with data insights from your organization.

Physical + Mental Health

Physical + mental health assessments, so employees return to work physically and psychologically safe.


Comprehensive dashboard, real-time case status updates, and analytics at your fingertips with the Axiom Client Portal.

Axiom Medical Can Help

Case Management workplace injury resolution has several benefits for both employers and employees. Axiom Medical’s Case Management process begins when an injury occurs and ends upon recovery or when assumed by a claims administrator. Our approach is detail-oriented, quick, and accurate, and we will be with your employees at every step in their journey.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Injury Reporting

Delayed injury reporting can lead to costly outcomes for both the employer and employee.

24/7 Nurse Triage

Supporting the injury outcome with immediate assessment, full medical history review, and next steps.

OSHA Impact

Best in class outcomes on OSHA recordables with recommendations, early reporting, and intervention.

Certified Medical Experts at Every Step

Axiom Medical’s healthcare staff are certified medical professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses), specially trained and certified to manage workplace injury cases effectively. They will communicate with your employees about their injury or illness and deliver the appropriate treatment recommendations. Our staff is nationwide and available 24/7 to provide support and answer questions.

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The key to successful incident and injury case management is providing immediate access to care. With timely intervention, while also minimizing work comp claims, employees may be given appropriate first aid measure treatment recommendations to aid in their recovery process.

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"We have an incredible safety record; no OSHA recordables for the 6 years I’ve been here and I attribute that to Axiom’s involvement.

The nurses are so wonderful and so attuned to the Employees and help them return to work safely after an injury. They listen very well and the education is the most important. Our employees and managers love them.

Thank you for all that you do."

Rhonda Wright

HR Manager, Tremco CPG Manufacturing

Mark Robinson

President & CEO

Dara Wheeler

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Scott Cherry

Chief Medical Officer

Chuck Kable

Chief Legal & HR Officer

Jordan Wheeler

Chief Operations Officer

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EVP of Sales

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Chief Financial Officer


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