OSHA Impact

Helping You Maintain a Safe

and Healthy Workplace.

OSHA sets and enforces specific standards at a worksite. From providing training to establishing partnerships, OSHA encourages employers to follow protective measures through continual process improvement.


    What is an OSHA Recordable Outcome

    • Medical treatment beyond first aid
    • Loss of consciousness and seizure
    • One or more days away from work after the incident
    • Restricted work or temporary transfer to another job
    • Any significant injury or illness after the injury or chemical exposure
    • Work-related fatality

    Axiom Partnership Outcome

    • Consistent process for reporting and managing injuries
    • 70% of cases handled in-house at the first-aid level
    • 24/7, nationwide access to OSHA-trained nurses
    • Immediate intervention/recommendations
    • Real-time reporting with frequent status updates
    • Ability to bid on larger contracts

      OSHA Impact Requirements

      Employers with ten or fewer employees are exempt from routinely reporting or keeping injury and illness records. Employers with more than ten employees are legally required to record and register all serious work-related injuries and illnesses, exempting specific low-risk industries. Minor injuries requiring only first aid do not have to be recorded.

      The recorded information helps employers, employees, and OSHA to evaluate workplace safety, understand and avoid workplace hazards, and implement worker protections to prevent, reduce, and eliminate future workplace injuries and illnesses.

      Axiom Medical Can Help

      Axiom Medical’s Injury Nurse Case Managers are OSHA-trained and educated on the standards and safety regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, helping employers prevent/minimize lost time, loss of productivity, and better OSHA recordable outcomes by providing immediate intervention with appropriate care.

      Protect your workers by optimizing the injury outcome with timely reporting and immediate intervention. Axiom Medical will assist you at each step.

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      "We have an incredible safety record; no OSHA recordables for the 6 years I’ve been here and I attribute that to Axiom’s involvement.

      The nurses are so wonderful and so attuned to the Employees and help them return to work safely after an injury. They listen very well and the education is the most important. Our employees and managers love them.

      Thank you for all that you do."

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      HR Manager, Tremco CPG Manufacturing

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      President & CEO

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