Behavioral Health

Making the Mental +

Physical Connection.

A healthy organization is both physically and psychologically safe. Axiom Medical offers dual assessment injury case management, a proactive approach to assess employee’s physical and mental health.

Physical Health Assessment

  • Mechanism of injury
  • Injury Assessment
  • Medical History Review
  • Establish Next Steps

Mental and Behavioral Health Assessment

  • K6 psychological distress scale
  • Feeling/experience impact
  • Mental health first aid
  • Recovery support

How It Works

When an employee reports behavioral health risk factors, a specialized Axiom Nurse Case Manager will contact and screen them for signs and symptoms of behavioral health, and when applicable, substance abuse concerns. Based on identified concerns, the nurse will provide mental health first aid and when appropriate a referral to behavioral health services.

Mental + Physical Intervention Impacts

  • OSHA recordability outcomes
  • Workers’ comp claims
  • Employee’s path to full recovery
  • Utilization of benefits
  • Workplace culture and morale
  • Employee turnover and burnout

Let Us Help Impact Your Workplace

With over two decades of experience in employee total health programs and population health management, we can help you become a healthier organization by assessing your workplace’s physical and psychological safety. Let us apply our support to your organization to help make the way that you work, work.

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