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Injury Reporting Explained

Let us talk about injury reporting!

So, you know how accidents happen, right? They can happen anywhere, even at work! That is why Axiom Medical is here to help you and your company manage work-related incidents with our Injury Case Management Program.

Why Injury Reporting Is Important

Here’s why injury reporting is so important:

  • Immediate reporting leads to early intervention, which means your employee can get better faster and return to work sooner
  • Late reporting increases the likelihood of an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recordable outcome. Nobody wants that!
  • By reporting injuries, you can prevent future incidents and keep your workplace safe for everyone

Cost and Consequence of Late Reporting

Did you know a delay in injury report by even one day increases your chance of an OSHA recordable outcome by 60%?

It is true! Costs and consequences of late reporting include:

  • Injury exacerbation
  • Increased clinic and ER costs
  • Increased OSHA recordable outcomes
  • Lost productivity and time away from work
  • Training for replacement hires
  • Overtime cost for workforce coverage
  • Increased workers’ comp claims and insurance modification rate (EMR)
  • Decreased workplace morale

Outcomes You Can Expect with Axiom’s Injury Case Management

Now, let us talk about outcomes with Axiom!

You can expect:

  • Nationwide access to OSHA-trained licensed medical professionals 24/7
  • Immediate intervention with first aid measures
  • Increased productivity with less absenteeism
  • Better OSHA recordable outcomes
  • Reduced workers’ comp claims
  • Reduced clinic and ER costs
  • Improved employee experience, engagement, and culture

Axiom Medical Can Help

So, what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your injury outcomes with timely reporting and drive costs down while improving the health of your workforce.

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