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Injury Reporting from Axiom Medical

Axiom Medical Injury ReportingWhen an injury isn’t reported right away, it can lead to a costly outcome for both the employer and employee, such as:

  • Lost time
  • OSHA recordables
  • Indirect costs that can include: lost productivity, training of a replacement and overtime pay for others who have to ‘pick up the slack’ while the injured is out on leave.

A delay in treatment by even one day can increase the risk of an incident having a recordable outcome by 60 percent

Every employee injury needs to be treated as time sensitive so it doesn’t progress and become worse.


Did you know the average cost of a workplace injury costs an organization $7,500?

Optimize the injury outcome with timely reporting and drive costs down, while improving the health of your workforce. Reporting the injury minutes after it’s occurred (as opposed to days) will allow the healing process to begin immediately.

Take a simple strain injury.

If the employee is immediately treated for the sprain, they can begin their healing process with first aid measures and return to work in an expedited manner. Left untreated, the employee’s injury may become worse. This often results in unnecessary testing, work releases, specialty referrals and lost time away from work.


Axiom keeps 65% of all cases called in at the first-aid level, with a team set in place to assess injury during its most crucial point:

  • OSHA trained nurses in-house, 24/7
  • Immediate intervention with the appropriate level of care
  • Licensed medical professionals.

With immediate access to licensed nurse case managers in all 50 states, we’re your employee’s resource for quality, personalized medical treatment.


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