Are you looking for an easy way to manage your crew members’ health while reducing on-board work-related injuries or illness? Axiom Medical’s Maritime Medicine Case Management is the right solution for you.

It has long been recognized that Seafaring is an arduous occupation that exposes personnel to a multitude of hazards. Crew Members must be physically and psychologically fit to perform their duties and respond to emergencies at sea. Our service focuses on reducing the potential for work-related injury or illness on board. A maritime worker who has been appropriately screened and examined is more likely to carry out the duties of a given job safely – without endangering others on the vessel.

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Our Maritime Medicine Case Management is designed while keeping the Jones Act in mind. Here are some top highlights of our service.


  • Ensures all prospective crew members meet the performance standards of the job.
  • Coordinates and manages every aspect of the injured or ill crew member’s treatment plan to ensure that what is recommended is effectively delivered.
  • Our new service dramatically improves the medical care mariners receive, streamlines the process for vessel owners and P&I clubs, all while achieving substantial cost savings.

Axiom Medical  Maritime Medicine Case Management:

Axiom Medical offers a single-source solution for maritime industries looking for a combined approach to deal with medical treatment, case management, and occupational health with mariner repatriation. Our experienced team includes OSHA-trained nurse case managers, medical testers, and an experienced medical director, who will oversee the entire process from the start to finish.

We understand the mariners’ medical requirements, which is why we coordinate every aspect of the process to ensure that appropriate care is delivered on time. Our Incident Case Management (Link to ICM) and Telehealth services (Link to Nurse Triage) are available 24/7 nationwide. Whether you need help with onsite testing or with mariner workplace injuries or illness, we are here to help.

  • Proactive Maritime Medicine Case Management

Axiom Medical’s proactive Injury and Incident Case Management approach ensures lower OSHA recordables outcomes by offering immediate care to your employees. Our service brings the appropriate care to each employee, 24/7. The Maritime Medicine Case Management team has the right resources to address each reported case and provide care to your crew members. Our service will help employers with:

    • Guidance and medical decision-making
    • Ongoing crew health assessment
    • Long-term and disability case management
    • Employee testing, including COVID-19 testing
    • Return to vessel or repatriation
    • Lower medical costs
    • Reduction in Lost Time Days away from work
  • Cost Control:

Maritime industry crew injuries and claims are always very high and take around 25% of such claims’ total overall cost. With our efficient and proven, care-focused case management program, we can help you with lowering your marine employee healthcare costs and claims. Our team will also help you implement new “best practices” to manage your crew members’ health.

What does The Jones Act Do?

The Maritime Jones Act enforces that all U.S. bound vessels carrying goods between two ports within the nation must be built, owned, crewed, and flagged in the USA. This policy is designed to provide stability to the U.S. maritime industry and support the local economy and job industry each year.

Who is Covered Under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act covers all U.S seamen who work aboard vessels. The Jones Act Seamen is applicable for most employees aboard ships, tugs, fishing boats, barges, and dredges.

How does The Jones Act Affect Cruise Ships?

The Jones Act or the Passenger Services Act does not allow cruise ships of foreign origin or Non-USA registered to embark and debark guests at two different U.S ports. This act, in short, prohibits foreign-flagged ships from traveling between U.S. ports.

They Said It!

I believe with confidence that we are reaching all of our expected goals by bringing Axiom on as an outsourced case management solution.

Axiom has helped us closely monitor the injured employee’s progress through the medical treatment process. Early treatment has kept our employees at work when in the past they would have likely taken time off or been placed off by a physician.

I recommend Axiom because their Nurse Case Management Team is their biggest asset. They are accessible, give great reports and are responsive to our needs.



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