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24/7 Nurse Triagefrom Axiom Medical

Axiom Medical Injury ReportingThe average injury costs the employer $2,500 in doctor’s visits, medical bills and prescription drugs – but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Add up the indirect costs:

  • Lost productivity,
  • Replacement hire training
  • Insurance increases
  • OSHA involvement
  • Administrative and legal fees

Then do the math: your employee’s $2,500 trip to the doctor just turned into a $10,000 expense.


Axiom provides nurse triage to support the injury outcome, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Minutes after an employee is injured, your employee calls Axiom and is speaking to a licensed nurse who will assess the incident and review pertinent medical health history. The employee will be provided with an appropriate treatment plan, based on the severity of their condition and followed up with 24 hours later.


Over 65% of cases are managed internally with first aid measures, meaning the employee remains at the worksite and avoids the cost of going to a clinic altogether. Their path to recovery begins immediately, resulting in lower risk of labor and productivity costs. The sooner we intervene, the greater chance your employee will have an expedited return to work.

"We positively impact employees in their time of need while also impacting the outcome."
Angela Thornberry, RN

Should the injury require formal medical attention at a clinic, the Nurse Case Manager will make all the arrangements and work closely with the medical provider to advocate for conservative care, keeping all parties up to date on the status with continuous reporting and follow up.In either scenario, the Nurse will follow up with the employee and designated company representatives throughout the duration of the case to ensure best practice standards are being met and employee returns to work as soon as safely able.


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Want more information on how we have helped employers reach a ROI as much as 350%, or how you can boost employee productivity? It all comes to down to correctly managing employee injury and occupational health services to support a happy and healthy workforce.

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