The 411 on First Aid Measures

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Employee Health Medical Management, Injury Case Management

Nobody likes them, but sometimes they happen…injuries and illnesses that is!  But does every injury and illness require formal medical treatment, resulting in a recordable outcome?

Not if you know your OSHA First Aid Treatments.

What is First Aid?

First aid is medical attention that is typically administered immediately after an injury or illness occurs. It usually consists of short-term treatment, such as cleaning minor cuts, applying bandages, and using non-prescription medicine.

The overall goals of first aid are:

  • Stabilize the injured or ill worker.
  • Prevent the worker’s condition from worsening.
  • Ensure that the worker receives needed medical care.

Many work-related injuries such as sprains or strains, lacerations and even heat-related illness can be effectively treated with OSHA First Aid Treatment.

OSHA First Aid Treatment includes:

  • Nonprescription medication at nonprescription strength, e.g. Motrin.
  • Tetanus immunizations
  • Cleaning, flushing, soaking surfaces wounds
  • Wound coverings, butterfly bandages, steri-strips
  • Hot or cold therapy
  • Non-rigid means of support
  • Temporary immobilization device used to transport accident victims
  • Drilling fingernail or toenail, draining fluid from blister
  • Eye patches
  • Removing foreign bodies from eye with only irrigation or cotton swab
  • Removing splint/foreign material from areas other than eye by irrigation, tweezers, cotton swabs, or simple means
  • Finger guards
  • Massages
  • Drinking fluids to relieve heat stress

Effectiveness of First Aid Measures

 Ever wonder just how effective first aid measures can be?  Of all of the injuries and illnesses Axiom Medical manages, over 65% of our cases are managed in-house with first aid measures.  Meaning, the employee receives immediate relief of their injury or illness then advances through the stages of recovery without requiring a clinic visit.

How does it work?

Once the case is reported to Axiom, the employee is able to speak with an OSHA Trained Nurse Case Manager who will assess their injury or illness, review their personal medical history, then develop an agreed treatment plan appropriate for their condition.

The key ingredient to its effectiveness lies in the follow-up!

Axiom Nurse Case Managers will continue to closely monitor the employee throughout their recovery to ensure compliance with the implemented measures and may adjust the treatment plan, based on the employee’s response to the established treatment plan.

Want to Avoid OSHA Recordable Outcomes the Easy Way?

Axiom Medical understands the importance of doing right by your employees, which means providing them with immediate relief in their time of need following an injury or illness.  Why subject an injured or ill worker to extended wait times at a clinic or delay treatment, when it could be as easy as one phone call

From pre-hire to post-separation, Axiom sees employee occupational health as a journey you shouldn’t have to travel alone!

Give us a call at +1 (877) 502-9466 or fill out our contact form to find out just how easy an effective incident case management program can be!

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