Do you have a high number of employee injuries and aren’t sure how to solve this (often expensive) problem?

We’ve got the solution, and it all comes down to a super simple and effective safety checklist!

Injuries Can Be Prevented 

According to a recent research study done on workplace accidents, over 99 percent of employee accidents were found to be preventable.

Meaning, it’s not the equipment or materials employees are using that are causing injury. It’s the diligence and discipline to recognize and control hazards as they come up that creates a safe working environment.

You have control over the environment in which your employees work, and can provide a safer environment for your employees.

“We don’t work in a dangerous environment. We work in a hazardous environment that we make dangerous by not following safe work procedures and wearing our PPE.” -Brad Miles 

Check Out This Checklist (and Set Your Employees Up For An Injury-Free Shift)

As the employer, it’s your job to ensure your employees are vigilant, alert and physically fit for duty.  On a daily basis, you can set your employees up for a safe shift ahead.

This checklist will get you there.

Elevated Surfaces. One of the most common trip-and-fall causes?

An unsuspecting, elevated surface! On a daily basis, take a quick look for any uneven flooring, frayed carpet, or tears in your flooring that could cause a trip. Just one employee slip-and-fall could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare and lost productivity costs! Isn’t that worth the 60-90 seconds it takes to assess the risk at hand?

Power Tools. Are your employees properly trained to work the tools required to do their job?

Commit to monthly pow-wow safety training (and make it interactive to get them to listen up and respond!) Before each shift, check all tools to make sure they are rust-free, and that machine guards are safe for use.

Cleanliness. Being safe doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time and money. Case in point? A cleanliness check!

Are things put away or left out? Does everything have a place? It should and it must if you want to minimize employee injury. Enlist the assistance of an employee to make sure work spaces are tidy and cleaned up at the end of each shift.

Safety Equipment and Clothing. As an employer, it’s up to you to know what safety gear is essential to protect the eyes, skin and hearing of your employees adequately. Ask a shift manager to assess each employee on each shift to make sure they’re equipped with and correctly wearing goggles, gloves, hardhats, earplugs, and footwear before their work begins.

Protective Footwear. It’s just as important for your employees to wear protective footwear as it is for them to wear the right protective clothing. Check in with your workers to make sure they are properly fitted, and if necessary, wearing steel-toed shoes or boots.

Floors. A messy floor is setting your employees up for a trip and slip. While your workers are getting prepared for a busy and protective day ahead, inspect the flooring of your building. Scan the floors for spills, leaks or cracks. Fix the problem asap and immediately minimize their risk for injury.

What Else Can I Do Today to Ensure My Workers are Fit and Safe to Do Their Job?

At Axiom, we provide health solutions that make sense for your employees and your bottom line.  From the moment they’re hired, we handle everything required to ensure a healthy and happy workforce.

Should they get injured at work, we take on the entire injury case management process and with occupational health programs that will ensure an expedited and safe return to work. Contact us to learn more!

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