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THE WOODLANDS, TX – May 26, 2020 – Axiom Medical announced today that it has partnered with ISS Facility Services, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, to provide a comprehensive layered approach to decrease the risk of infectious disease in the workplace by integrating its CheckIn2Work and Rapid Response Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment solutions with the comprehensive ISS Back to Work program.

CheckIn2Work is a first of its kind technology providing workplace point-of-entry protection. It delivers a quick and easy self-service health attestation for organizations needing to pre-screen team members for potentially infectious or contagious conditions before allowing access to the workplace.  Importantly, when a client’s team member is flagged as experiencing symptoms or having an exposure to an infectious disease, Axiom Medical’s market-leading Rapid Response Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA) Clearance Center professionals conduct secondary screening to eliminate false positives, and for confirmed cases manage, any subsequent absence from and safe return to work.

Innovative CheckIn2Work features include:

  • 24-7 mobile device-based self-service illness/exposure screening
  • Continuously updated screening criteria synthesized from multiple authorities by our highly credentialed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Scott Cherry
  • Immediate access to our U.S.-based Clearance Center for exposure/illness alerts
  • Clearance Center team includes highly experienced medical professionals fully licensed in all U.S. states and territories
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data integration with client HRIS solutions
  • Ongoing advice and training on best practices to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace

The CheckIn2Work app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and by web portal. It is also available in an agent-assisted version to accommodate employee populations with limited internet access. Text and IVR phone solutions are coming soon.

The CheckIn2Work app will be an integrated offering to ISS customers in North America as part of the ISS Back to Work program that is currently being rolled out across our entire customer portfolio. In addition, all 13,000 ISS and Guckenheimer employees in North America will use the CheckIn2Work app.

“Our partnership with ISS integrates Axiom’s world-class CheckIn2Work + CRIA solution for managing COVID-19 risk from an occupational health perspective, with the ISS Back to Work program,” said Axiom Medical President and CEO Mark Robinson.  “It’s all about putting in place a comprehensive and layered approach to protecting the health of team members, customers, and vendors from the risk of infectious disease in the workplace.”

“It is now crucial to build and maintain trust that the spaces where we gather are safe. We are thrilled to show how a facility management organization can partner with an occupational health service organization to create safe and healthy workplaces for our customers,” said ISS Americas Region COO Jon Eldridge. “Combined with our enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, this partnership will build confidence that companies can safely bring people back into their offices.”

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