Do your employees ever come to work tired or sluggish? Do they have a chronic case of ‘the Monday’s?’

If so, poor sleep may be to blame!

Read on to learn why sleepiness causes a high risk of injury and how you (as the employer) can create a safer workplace for all.

Why Sleep Deprivation is Dangerous

Sleep deprivation (however minor or occasional) isn’t a laughing matter.

Employers lose out on $31 billion each year due to sleep-related workplace accidents and mistakes.

Shift workers who drive, pull or lift heavy machinery are most at risk, but every employee faces injury to themselves and/or someone else when they have less than 6 hours of sleep per night.

Here’s why sleep deprivation makes such an impact:

Sleepy workers have a slower reaction time, which increases their risk for a slip-and-fall. Just one slip-and-fall with a tired employee could cost a very pricey litigation for your company.

The good news?

Many accidents are avoidable with ongoing safety training and employee testing!

Sleep deprivation critically affects job performance. When employees are tired, they aren’t able to think, react, reason or judge like they do when they are well rested.

Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in productivity. When your workers haven’t had enough sleep, their bodies (and brains!) slow down!

Studies have shown that with poor sleep, comes a slowed down, and less responsive cognitive process.

“Highly fatigued workers are 70% more likely to be involved in accidents.” – Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Do you want your employees to reduce their risk of injury and become their healthiest at work?

Minimize the effects sleep deprivation has on your business by early intervention and employee testing. Axiom can help! Contact us today to learn more at 877-502-9466.


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