COVID-19 Testing

Axiom Medical conducts COVID-19 testing as a part of their COVID-19 Response Program. We offer testing, including Rapid Response, Onsite-PCR, saliva, and employee at-home test kits.

Vaccines and Variants

Vaccines and Variants

The United States is dealing with another COVID-19 surge yet again due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus. This...

US Department Of Labor Issues New COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

Coronavirus vs. Flu

Wondering what’s the difference between the coronavirus vs. flu? While the influenza virus causes the common flu, COVID-19 is the respiratory illness caused by the pandemic coronavirus. Both COVID-19 and flu share many similar symptoms, making it tricky to differentiate between the two. This post will walk you through the symptoms of both contagious respiratory illnesses, their effects on your health, and key similarities and differences.