Blindfolds are Tricky – Clear Vision for Pre-Employment Testing

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Employee Health Management, Occupational Health Management, Pre Employment Testing

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Quick story – Remember the days of seeing the circus stunts where the acrobats would ride the wheel along the tightrope with blindfolds?  Unfortunately, so did I.  As a young girl, I had the idea to ride my bike into the garage in the blind, pretending to be in the circus.

Just as I topped the driveway incline, less than 12 inches from my finish line, I collided with the brick entry and was awarded a bleeding laceration to the head; a scar remaining even today, reminding me that clearly, nursing was a safer route (most days)!

Similarly, many organizations find themselves in risky situations when hiring employees.  They blindly rely on subjective interviews and resumes to glean necessary information about candidates, despite published surveys, which cite 85% of resumes contain lies.

Most want to believe what we are told and trust what we see, but the reality is without established pre-employment testing, businesses are riding blindly, pretending to be acrobats.

Pre-Employment Testing

Ask any professional involved in the hiring process what their most significant frustrations are and you will find a common theme:

1.  Amount of time required for hiring candidates

2.  Amount of money wasted when hiring mistakes are made

Pre-employment testing can help resolve both of these issues by providing reliable, objective data that can assist with both the hiring process and reduce the number of bad hires, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing turnover.