Workplace Flu Management

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Are you an employer and trying to figure out a way for workplace flu management? The question is, how hard will it impact your organization this year – and what can your do to prevent the impact in terms of lost productivity, healthcare costs and employee absence?

Let’s find out!

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What to Expect for the 2022-2023 Flu Season

Based on the worst-ever flu season in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia) in five years, the officials in USA are predicting a rough fall-winter flu season. The Australian flu season seemingly arrived significantly earlier than normal, with large number of cases spiking nearly three months before their typical peak. While it’s impossible to predict what the upcoming 2022-23 flu season will be like, the CDC committee has decided to include three flu vaccines for this year. Even though the flu vaccine is not 100 percent effective, the CDC estimates that an increase in the number of vaccines administered could save millions of people from getting the flu.

Flu Cost Calculator to Estimate The Economic Impact

When flu season hits, employees struggle with their health, and their productivity. A national survey found that the flu can cost employees as much as $8.5 billion in lost wages.

Struggling to determine the economic impact of the flu on your organization? Problem solved!  Enter your values in the designed fields to better understand your flu-related expenses. 





How Much Is The Flu-Related Absenteeism Cost?


Enter result from line 1 into ‘TOTAL FLU CASES’ to receive total cost




*Hint:Average median U.S. income is $33,706

**Hint: Use the “Estimated Number of Flu Cases” numbers

NOTE: Each flu case employee will lose 5 workdays

*** All values are approximate estimations


Read on as we take a look at what you need to know about flu season and ways to keep your workforce healthy and productive this season.

Workplace Flu Management

Employers can step up and find ways to better manage the workplace during flu season, including the following.

  • Allow more access to the flu vaccine

Make it convenient for employees to get the flu vaccine. You can schedule days for a healthcare provider to come into the office specifically for this purpose or provide a company-sponsored flu clinic. Also, you can provide employees with a list of places in the community where they can get the flu vaccine on their own.

  • Promote enthusiasm about the flu vaccine

Start early promoting the flu vaccine as a way to stay healthy during the season. Sponsor a health fair where employees can learn about ways to care for themselves, boost immunity, and offer a separate area to get the flu vaccine.

  • Educate staff about the flu vaccine with consideration of cultural diversity

Confidence in the flu vaccine falters within some cultures, and the perceived side effects are often cited as problematic. Educate staff with the information provided by the CDC showing how the flu can affect different racial and ethnic minority groups and why the flu vaccine can help.

  • Prevent the spread of flu during an outbreak

You can take beneficial actions to help prevent the spread of the flu during an outbreak. Start by encouraging employees to stay away when sick. If your employees are showing signs of being ill and send them home. Consider offering more flexible schedules during the season. Finally, encourage employees to care for themselves and add hand sanitizer stations, tissue boxes, and non-touch soaps and trash cans throughout your office.

Hosting a Workplace Flu Shot Clinic:

Workplace flu vaccination clinics are a convenient approach to keep your employees healthy and productive by curbing the spread of influenza. Axiom Medical offer onsite flu clinic for employers looking for workplace flu management.

Axiom Medical Can Help!

What steps will you take if an outbreak strikes your workplace to ensure your workers’ safety?

Does your organization need assistance with Workplace Contagious Illness Management and occupational health services? Axiom Medical can help. With two decades of experience in employee total health program and population health management, we can help your organization with any workplace healthcare needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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