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Employee Absence Management

Axiom Medical manages Employee Absence Management (EAM) as a part of the Employee Occupational Health Program. Say goodbye to self-service software programs, which merely track employee leave. When employees are out on extended absence because of personal health matters, our certified medical practitioners offer a concierge type experience through each stage of the leave progression. 

You can expect:

  • Navigation through the entire recovery process by certified medical practitioners.
  • Frequent status updates and leave reporting.
  • Custom-tailored treatment plans to champion early recovery progression.
  • Necessary documentation management.
  • Return to work facilitation.

Axiom Medical EAM services include: 

  • Return to Work
  • Medication Reviews
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is Employee Absence Management?

In simple terms, Employee Absence Management manages the process of employee time off due to personal illness or injury, along with short- and long-term disability.  Employers utilize the policies of absence management to reduce sick leave abuse and unnecessary productivity loss. 

Measuring the costs of absenteeism 

Employers often measure and evaluate the costs of absenteeism through absence management programs and calculate the cumulative costs. Some of the most common methods to estimate the expenses of absenteeism include:

  • Loss in Multiples of Salary
  • Loss in Productivity
  • Cumulative Lost Time of Full-Time Positions
  • Loss in Quality

Employee Absenteeism Data by Department Of Labor (DOL): 

Most organizations find employee absenteeism a significant problem for their businesses, affecting productivity and company goals. A 2017 report by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) estimated that companies report up to three percent of employee absenteeism on any given day. Employers often consider the cost of absence as a negligible amount based only on the payroll expenses. However, the total cost involves many other direct and indirect costs, if appropriately tracked. The best way to avoid these expenses is by reducing absenteeism through a pre-designed EAM plan with Short and Long-term Absence Management, Leave Management, and a Return-To-Work programs.

Benefits of Axiom Employee Absence Management: 

Besides managing your workforce’s health, Axiom Medical Employee Absence Management provides and supports:

  • A happy, healthy, and productive workforce.
  • Medical experts handle all documentation.
  • Our medical professionals coordinate with clinics and establish appropriate treatment plans.
  • Decreased leave systems abuse.
  • Return to work
  • Weekly reporting of all employees currently out on leave with an expected return to work date.
  • Timely appointments to optimize return to work schedule.
  • Assumes liability for compliance and administration.

Other EAM services include:

Return to Work: 

The Axiom Medical team, including certified practitioners and specially trained registered nurses, will work closely with each employee to create a safe return to work schedule. Employees who are ready to return to work may undergo a Fit For Duty Exam (FFD) to ensure that they can perform their job safely with maximum productivity.

Personal & Short-term Disability:

Axiom Employee Absence Management Services offer Personal and Short-Term Disability Absence Management to ensure a safe and quick return to work. Axiom's registered nurses will closely monitor your employees' health by reviewing their medication dosage, effectiveness, and potential side effects that could impact their ability to perform their duties safely. Our Disability Management Services include a detailed HIPAA Compliant Medication Review process to reduce medical claims and short-term disability costs while helping employees recover quickly. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations:

Axiom Medical offers Functional Capacity Exams (FCE) as a part of the EAM Program. Employers may include this during the pre-hire process to screen new hires to check their ability to perform work duties. Employers can choose between a modified (most common) FCE or a full FCE with options of DOT or non-DOT physical and specific testing tailored for that role.

Why Outsource Employee Absence Management?

Managing employee attendance is a strategic business action to reduce productivity loss due to employee absences. While companies should support their employees experiencing health issues and needing sick leave, there are many instances when employees abuse these policies. 

A comprehensive healthcare approach with an EAM service provider helps businesses and organizations closely monitor their workforce's health while managing their workers' compensation and absenteeism costs. Eventually, such a program addresses your workers' health while encouraging a quicker return to work.



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