Keep It Clean: 3 Housekeeping Techniques That Prevent Employee Injury

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These days, no one is safe from injury. In today’s busy, growing ‘to-do list’ world, workplace injury continues to cost billions of dollars per year to employers, and millions of dollars in lost wages for employees. We’re breaking down injury prevention so that employers (and their employees) stay safer at work by doing some light ‘housekeeping’! Read on to learn how.

Hone in on the Housekeeping

Do you have the habit of texting while walking downstairs? Do you occasionally email your boss while walking over a recently mopped floor? Do you lift heavy equipment that tends to strain your back? Whatever workplace habits you’re guilty of, so are many of your employees.

The good news?

Many of these common injuries (ankle sprain, back strain, slip and falls) are preventable—and it all comes down to workplace ‘housekeeping’.

Here’s how to do it:

Prevent Common Slips and Falls

Some flooring (such as tile or cement) can clean up better than others. But, no matter what types of floors your employees are working on, you can implement some easy housekeeping protocol to reduce common slips, trips and falls.The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety recommends you keep all equipment and items clear of exits and aisles.

When you notice a spill, clean it up immediately (or notify someone to clean it up if you can’t).Inspect your flooring for any damaged or cracked areas. But don’t stop there! Ask another employee to look for nails, loose boards or splinters you may have missed. Replace as soon as possible to minimize tripping.

Look Out Below! 

According to OSHA statistics, there are over 50,000 recordable injuries each year due to falling objects.  A simple organizational restructure can minimize injuries, and all it takes is a quick inventory to execute!

Take a walk down the same path your employees do daily. Look around. Is their obstruction in their path? Are heavy boxes lying on top of lighter boxes? Is heavy equipment out of harm’s way?

By placing heavy boxes on the bottom shelves and in a uniform manner, you can reduce injury. As your employees walk through high traffic areas, make sure all objects and equipment are out of their way. A clutter-free workplace allows employees to work safely and free of worry.

Put Out the Risk of Fire

How closely do you evaluate fire safety risks in your building? Do your employees know precautionary measures should a fire occur?

Make sure to keep doors free of any obstruction, especially fire doors and passageways.

Hold an employee safety training so that all workers are educated on protocol should a fire occur.

According to OSHA’s Hazardous materials standard, “Store quick-burning, flammable materials in designated locations away from ignition sources. Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids. Change clothes if contamination occurs.”

Workplace injury is a serious issue, but we’ve got the solution. 

The Axiom Advantage 

If your employees have been injured on the job, we offer a comprehensive and customized injury management service that’s unlike any other. From pre-employment testing to a safe and speedy Return to Work, we’ve got you covered.  Find out how we manage the total employee health journey from the time they’re hired to the time they retire! Contact us at 877-502-9466 to get started today.


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