How Will The Flu Virus Affect Your Business?

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Employee Absence Management, Employee Health Management, Flu Vaccination, Injury Case Management

Flu season affects employers in every industry, far and wide.

The question is, how hard will it affect your bottom line this year – and what can you do to prevent it from costing you in lost productivity, healthcare costs and employee absence?

Let’s find out!

What is a Flu Season?

Although the flu virus is detected year-round in the United States, it’s most common during the fall and winter.

The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October.

Most of the time it peaks between December and February, and can last as late as May.

Take a Look at These Stats!

Given that flu vaccination compliance and engagement rates are highest when vaccinations are conveniently offered in the workplace, doesn’t it make sense to take a proactive approach in protecting your employees while fighting the effects of employee absence?

Take a look at these stats:

  • Over 100 million work days are lost each year due to flu-related illness.
  • For every $1 spent by employers on vaccinations, absenteeism costs fall by $2.75 and medical costs decrease $3.27.
  • Vaccinating a healthy workforce (age 18-64) has a direct cost savings (medical costs and absenteeism) of $46.50 per vaccinated worker.

Preventative Measures That Prevent the Flu at Work

There are 3 simple steps you can take to reduce how hard the flu virus hits your workplace.

  • Get your flu vaccine. Encouraging your employees to get their flu shot is the best defensive act you can do to keep the flu virus away! The flu virus can help to minimize the spread of the flu, and decrease doctor’s visits. Get your flu shot now, before the flu virus hits your workforce!
  • Wash your hands. Up the ante on your toolbox talks to every week, so you can stress the importance of washing hands with soap and water. Provide sanitizing soap for workers to help themselves when needed, and encourage sick employees to stay at home until they’re no longer contagious.
  • If prescribed, take antiviral ‘flu’ drugs.  If you test positive for the flu, antiviral drugs can help! Be sure to take them as directed by your doctor. They can shorten the time you are sick and out of work with the flu! If your employees show flu like symptoms, encourage them to go the doctor right away. Antiviral flu medication works best when taken 2 days after symptoms begin.

Axiom’s Health and Safety Focus

At Axiom Medical, the safety and health of your employees is our number one focus!

Whether needing Occupational Health Programs to assist with Employee Absence Management or Incident Case Management, we stand ready to support you through each stage of the employee health journey!

Fill out the form above to find out how easy employee health can be!

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