3 Proven Ways to Manage Depression without Medication

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Depression, Employee Behavioral Health, Tempo Live, Workplace Mental Health

Every day is not easy – agreed! But, do you regularly find yourself struggling to cope with stress or have frequent bouts of depression?  

Here are 3 effective ways to manage depression without medication

1. Workable Goals 

Having unrealistic expectations for ourselves often leads to feelings of depression. By setting small workable goals, you can reduce high levels of stress that can lead to depression. 

Practice positive self-affirmations and stay engaged with your social contacts, whether inside or outside of work. 

2. Exercise and Diet 

Exercise has been shown to have a significant, long-lasting positive effect on mood due to an increased level of serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. 

Diet is equally important.  Studies have shown, for instance, that low glycemic index foods like fruits and vegetables can provide long-lasting effects on brain chemistry to help boost mood and energy levels. 

3. Meditation 

Meditation is the act of training attention and awareness by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can help people recognize and let go of intrusive thoughts that play a significant role in creating feelings of depression. Best of all, meditation takes only 15 minutes a day to be effective! 

Getting Help is Key 

These tips can help you manage depression without medication. However, if you need more resources and extra help to treat your depression, reach out to your primary care physician. If you have thoughts of suicide, call 9-1-1 or reach out to the suicide hotline at 800-273-8255. 

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