In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Axiom Medical has introduced a specialized Workplace COVID-19 Testing and Screening service to help businesses quickly screen, test, and manage those employees exhibiting symptoms or have been potentially exposed to any respiratory illness. Axiom Medical is your single source solution to protect your workplace and get compliant today. As a part of our workplace COVID-19 management program, we offer CheckIn2Work daily employee screening, Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA), onsite and at-home employee COVID-19 testing, antibody testing, and customized mobile labs and mass testing.

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Axiom Medical’s Nationwide Workplace COVID-19 Program Highlights:

With over 20+ years of experience in total employee health and wellness programs, Axiom Medical can assist employers like you with Occupational Health and Safety, Injury Case Management, and Workplace COVID-19 Testing and Management.

Our program highlights include:

  • COVID-19 Written Prevention Program Development
  • Board Certified Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Occupational & Environmental Medical Support
  • CheckIn2Work App for Daily Symptom Screening and Streamlined Reporting Process
  • 24/7 Access to Medical Health Professionals
  • Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessments and Return to Work Programs
  • Testing Protocol Development
  • Onsite or At-Home COVID-19 Testing Options with 24 Hour Results
  • Employee Education Modules

Axiom Medical’s Workplace COVID-19 Testing and Services:

Axiom Medical has been on a mission to help employers with workplace COVID-19 management since the beginning of the COVID-19  pandemic. Our team has the expertise and services to help businesses reopen successfully. All our services are OSHA-compliant and feature revised record-keeping and reporting standards.

Here is an overview of our Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Services. 


1.      CheckIn2Work Daily Attestation and Screening:


Axiom’s CheckIn2Work App delivers quick and easy, self-service attestation for employees. Employers looking for an option to pre-screen team members for potentially infectious or contagious conditions can utilize our app before allowing employee access to the workplace. It’s a first of its kind technology, offering:

  • 24-7 mobile device-based self-service illness/exposure screening
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data integration with client HRIS solutions
  • Ongoing advice and training on best practices to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace
  • Immediate access to our U.S.-based Clearance Center for exposure/illness alerts
  • Continuously updated screening criteria, synthesized from multiple authorities, by our highly credentialed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Scott Cherry
  • Clearance Center team includes highly experienced medical professionals, fully licensed in all U.S. states and territories


2.      Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA)


In the renewed prevalence of existing diseases and the appearance of new illnesses, an infectious disease outbreak poses serious threat to workplace safety. Axiom Medical conducts detailed assessments to identify actual or potential infection risks at the workplace by screening employees and those exposed to any infectious disease to reduce the risk of workplace disease spread. With this evaluation, Axiom Medical can yield data for employers to use for employee health and workplace safety management.

Some of our top CRIA highlights are:

  • Extensive Checklist Completed and Documented
  • Axiom Case Management and Workflow
  • CheckIn2Work and CheckIn2School Apps for workforce management
  • CMO/Medical Director Support**

(**From the establishment of policies and procedures to specific exposure related guidance and questions, access to Axiom’s medical director(s))

Axiom Medical Contagious Illness Risk Assessments will help:

  • Create and maintain a safe workplace
  • Prevent and control the spread of infectious disease outbreak at a worksite
  • Manage employee healthcare through a goal-driven approach


3.      COVID-19 Testing – PCR Lab, PCR Saliva, At-Home Test Kits


As a part of Axiom Medical’s Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Program, we offer COVID-19 Testing with Onsite Testing and At-Home Test kits. Our mobile labs are designed to accommodate your location-specific employee COVID-19 testing needs.

Our program features include:

  • Program administration, managed by Axiom Medical professionals
  • Onsite, self-administered, or at-home kits available from renowned nationally accredited laboratories
  • Seamless integration with Axiom services, including Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA) program
  • Employee/employer notifications
  • Contact tracing

Mobile Labs/Onsite Testing:

Axiom Medical Mobile labs offer onsite COVID-19 testing and staffing support for employers looking for health and safety supervisors and COVID compliance officers for onsite testing.

Self-Administered At-Home Testing:

Axiom Medical’s self-administered RT PCR saliva test will ensure that your employees have access to hassle-free COVID-19 testing at home with next day results.

What Should Employers Do If an Employee Comes to Work with COVID-19 Symptoms?

Employees exhibiting symptoms must avoid coming to the office. Those who have symptoms should immediately be separated from other employees and sent home. Employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms outside of work must notify their supervisors and quarantine per CDC and company specific guidelines.

    What Should Employees Do to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

    It’s always a combined effort by both the employers and employees to keep the workplace safe. To do so, both employers and employees must:

    • Follow workplace sanitation and hand hygiene diligently.
    • Follow the social distancing practices.
    • Stay home if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or feeling ill, except to get medical care.
    • Wear a face mask or cloth face coverings, especially when indoors and social distancing cannot be maintained.
    • Communicate with his/her supervisor, should COVID-19 symptoms be recognized.

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    They Said It!

    After working with Axiom for several years in different capacities, there are three things that are hugely beneficial:

    – Better control of recordable incidents.
    – Prevention of and/or elimination of days away or restricted duty.
    – Employee peace of mind knowing they are talking with an RN or Doctor.

    I value the great service and attention to detail along with the close follow up of cases.  Keep up the good work Axiom!



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