Promote a healthy workspace by encouraging flu vaccination with Axiom Medical’s Onsite Flu Clinic and Vaccination Programs. The flu doesn’t just take a toll on your employees’ health. It affects their efficiency while increasing overall healthcare costs. With a workplace onsite flu-shot clinic, you can provide a convenient and effective option for your employees to get vaccinated and stay healthy.

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COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination:

The flu season is here and hence, don’t let it affect your company’s productivity. Influenza seasons are unpredictable and can vary based on their severity. With COVID-19 still considerably impacting lives in the United States, employers need to find more ways to keep their employees and workspaces safe. On average, 31.4 million influenza cases are reported each year. 

Such situations not only pose a health risk, but also lead to more than $87 billion in economic burden. With the recent rise in coronavirus cases in most American states, employers should adopt an essential strategy for boosting the flu vaccination rate to minimize the chance of the second wave of COVID-19. Axiom Medical’s onsite flu clinics are here to help. 

Do you know that company-hosted flu vaccination programs are more cost-effective? In addition to minimal chances of spreading inner-office flu, there are several benefits of vaccinating employees.

What Is an Onsite Flu Clinic?

An onsite flu clinic is an effective workplace solution designed to offer a convenient flu vaccination program for employees. With Axiom Medical’s  Onsite Flu and Employee Vaccination Programs, qualified healthcare providers arrive at the selected location to administer flu vaccines on a pre-decided day and time. This process is comparatively smooth and encourages employee vaccination, regardless of the location of your business.

How Much Does the Flu Cost My Company?

Struggling to determine the economic impact of the flu on your organization? Problem solved!  Enter your values in the designed fields to better understand your flu-related expenses. 

Fill the Employees, Salary fields, and get the estimated numbers




*Hint: Average median U.S. income is $33,706

**Hint: Use the "Estimated Number of Flu Cases" numbers

NOTE: Each flu case employee will lose 5 workdays

*** All values are approximate estimations


Why Should We Offer Flu Shots to Everyone?

Providing access to vaccinations is a win-win for both the employer and employees!  Some of the top benefits are outlined here.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Onsite flu vaccination programs promote overall occupational health and wellness
  • Decreases absenteeism which increases productivity
  • Concierge/white-glove service
  • Improved data and reporting as part of an infection control program

Benefits to Employees:

  • Helps to get vaccinated at work without going to a healthcare facility amid a pandemic
  • Reduces absences because of flu-related sickness and urgent-care visits
  • Improves health and morale
  • Convenience

How Should We Plan Our Flu Shot Program?

When making plans to host an onsite flu vaccination clinic, consider the following steps. 

Step-1: Planning

Every successful outcome starts with a solid plan!  Seek collaborative input from your management and operations teams, human resource department, employees, and even labor representatives. 

You will want to select an onsite vaccination service provider who will help you achieve your goals.

  • Obtain approval and support from your senior management team regarding your onsite flu clinic in the workplace. Work closely with your employer vaccination coordinator to communicate your goals and objectives. Provide employee education regarding the vaccination process. Select convenient days and times to maximize employee participation.
  • Schedule the onsite flu vaccination clinic at the beginning of flu season.

Step-2: Promotion

  • Promote the workplace vaccination through higher management, immediate managers, and supervisors to promote maximum employee participation. Employers may include options to offer onsite flu vaccination to employees’ families as well.
  • Set a goal and educate employees on how their participation matters from a business perspective.
  • Use incentives to increase participation.

Step-3: Introduce the Employee Vaccine Program and Flu Clinic

  • Promote the onsite flu vaccination clinic in your workplace using the following steps.
  • Use posters, flyers, and presentations about the importance of onsite flu vaccinations. Consider placement near break rooms, cafeterias, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Introduce the onsite flu vaccination concept through a company newsletter, emails, portals, or management meeting.
  • Share informative posters/flyers to advertise the dates and times the flu clinic will be available. Use social media channels to promote the online flu vaccination event at the workplace.

Step-4: Logistics

  • Work with your logistics team to create a comfortable space for flu vaccination clinics.
  • Take employee safety, CDC guidelines, and the need for privacy into consideration while planning.

Step-5: Follow the Guidelines

Follow all CDC guidelines and best practices. Ensure your vaccine service provider demonstrates appropriate infection control measures.

Which Other Services are Available?

Axiom Medical is a long-time leader in Injury Case Management (ICM) and Nurse Triage, Occupational Health Programs (OHP), and Employee Absence Management (EAM) Programs. We promote preventive medicine and employee population health initiatives with services such as Axiom Medical’s Checkin2Work and Checkin2School apps. Learn more about our full line of services and COVID-19 screening and management here.

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