Implement an infection control program in the workplace and promote a safe and healthy organizational culture. Axiom Medical now offers a fully customized infection control plan with a consistent focus on workplace safety and occupational infection prevention. Developing an action-based plan for occupational infection prevention and control is particularly important, following the pandemic. Our services are tailored to accommodate the needs of employee healthcare and workplace risk control.

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Why Should Employers Consider an Infection Control Program?

The goal of a good infection control program is to avoid potentially infectious diseases in the workplace. Without a set of proper procedures and a well-planned program, employers may face:

  • Severe infectious disease outbreaks at the workplace
  • Legal troubles for risking workers’ health
  • High workers’ comp claims and productivity loss
  • Potential fine for unsafe working conditions


How an Infection Control Program Will Help Employers?

Having an infection control program in place will help employers determine their unique  workplace exposure risk.  As outlined within your infection control policy, employers may require screenings or evaluations to maintain a safe working environment.

Infection Control Program Goals:

At Axiom Medical, our team focuses on:

  • Developing, reviewing, and implementing a workplace infection control program
  • When necessary, written policies and procedures that adhere to federal, state, and local requirements for elements of occupational infection prevention and control services: When necessary, updating the program’s written policies and procedures to adhere to federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Workplace risk assessment and infection control through a science-backed approach
  • Promoting three major key elements of occupational infection prevention and control, including screening, testing, and immunization
  • Active communication and collaboration with both leadership and management teams to set achievable workplace healthcare
  • Working on occupational infection prevention and control education and training at the workplace
  • Immunization programs to promote the health benefits of infectious disease control.

good infection control program can help with:

  • Infectious disease management and reducing exposures and illnesses at the workplace.
  • Maintaining health records for your workforce
  • Daily health screening through self-attestation
  • Detailed illness assessment for your employees when flagged through the initial 
  • OnSite testing with available mobile labs and white gloves testing if/as warranted.

Three Production Options:

Tier 1 – Develop and implement a customized infection control policy for your organization.

Tier 2 – Customized infection control policy with risk leveling and HR consulting.

Tier 3 – Development of customized infection control policy, risk level consulting,  and comprehensive program implementation to include:  CheckIn2Work Screening, Outbreak Testing, and Vaccine Program/Vaccine Tracking.



CheckIn2Work App delivers quick and easy, self-service attestation for employers needing to pre-screen team members. With such technology, preventing workplace infections is possible.


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What Is the Main Purpose of an Infection Control Program?

The primary purpose of an Infection Control and Prevention Program (ICPP) is to provide a structured framework for safe and healthy workplaces.  Active and ongoing workplace-wide programs identify, control, and prevent communicable diseases. Axiom Medical’s unique, best-practice programs are designed in compliance with local, state, and federal agencies.

Infection Control Policy Process:

Axiom Medical will assist with developing best practice infection control policies and processes to meet the unique needs of your workforce and workplace.

  • Step-1: Review of workplace-specific information.
  • Step-2: Risk leveling with the development of customized policies and procedures
  • Step-3: 7–10-day implementation.
  • Step-4: Ongoing support and management of program effectiveness, based on tiered level of service.

Find out how you can partner with Axiom Medical to establish a proactive infection control program for preventing and mitigating the risk of infectious disease in the workplace.


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