Is It Normal to Feel Intimidated When New People Are Hired?

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Axiom Medical, Employee Behavioral Health, Tempo Live, Workforce Reduction, Workplace Mental Health

While hiring new employees is a good sign for most companies, it can leave current employees feeling apprehensive or even intimidated by the new hires and fearful of being replaced. If this happens to you, it can make your workdays challenging and even decrease productivity. At some point, then, you’ll need to address your concerns. Is it normal to feel intimidated when new people are hired? Let’s find out.

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Is it normal to feel intimidated or fear when new people are hired?

Signs To Watch Out For 

Employees who feel intimidated or fear a new hire will take their place often exhibit the following signs. 

  • Avoid making eye contact 
  • Remain rigid when encountering the new hire 
  • Leave common spaces when they enter 
  • End conversations suddenly when the new hire arrives 
  • Become nervous when speaking with them 
  • Readily agree to their suggestions without debate 
  • Tend to micromanage them 
  • Withhold information 
  • Attempt to overcompensate 
  • Sulk, complain, and be unhelpful 

How to Overcome Your Feelings Toward the New Hire 

You can overcome this feeling of intimidation or fear in the following ways. 

1. Go Internal and Find Out Why You Feel This Way 

Start by asking yourself why you feel this way? What is underneath it all? This allows you to step back from your emotions and gain some perspective. Perhaps you feel your age is an issue, or you’ve neglected some part of your work. You may be suspicious about your employer’s motives, feel insecure, have imposter syndrome, or have any number of reasons. Go deep and discover the reason behind your fear. 

2. Thoroughly Examine Your Situation and Concerns 

Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Do you feel your expertise will be questioned? If so, why and how might you prevent it, such as learning a new skill or serving as a mentor? 
  • Is your role within the company outdated or becoming irrelevant? If so, discuss this with your supervisor and get feedback on how you can contribute more. 
  • Do you feel your autonomy is being threatened? Consider ways you can open up to team building or partnership benefits. 
  • Do you feel that the new hire’s treatment surpasses yours? Did they get the front office while you’re in the back? If so, is this really a big deal, or are you just frustrated? 

3. Connect with the New Hire 

Don’t let your feelings of intimidation or fear of being replaced continue to fester. Soon, your colleagues and management may notice, and this can make it more difficult for you to maintain your professional reputation. Instead, find ways to connect with the new hire, giving them a chance and making them feel welcomed. 

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