How To Establish Work Boundaries by Turning Off Work Communications After Hours?

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You spend a lot of time at work, so setting boundaries is an essential part of ensuring not only a successful career but also a beneficial work-life balance. But with today’s advancements in technology and differing work arrangements, establishing those boundaries is becoming more complicated. Here is how to establish work boundaries by turning off work communications after hours.

For example, your employer and fellow employees can reach you at all times, including during your non-working hours. As a result, that line between work and home life begins to blur. 

When this happens, you may be wondering whether you should turn off work communications after hours. This question falls in the area of setting boundaries at work and can be challenging for many employees today. 

How to Establish Boundaries at Work: 

To help, here is a primer on setting boundaries in general in the workplace. 

Identify your personal boundaries 

Consider your personal values, views, and priorities. Think about your family, friendships, hobbies, volunteer work, etc. What is most important to you? 

Understand your value 

Consider your worth and value to your employer. If you fail to understand all that you have to offer, you can be drenched in self-doubt and take on more work than you can handle. 

Consider your work environment 

Businesses have different employee needs and requirements. Understand what these are for your particular workplace and find a way to make them fit with your personal boundaries. If not, you may consider looking elsewhere for a job that can accommodate them. 

Should You Turn Off Work Communications After Hours? 

If you’re feeling confused or conflicted about turning off work communications after hours, consider the following: 

  • Job performance can actually deteriorate if after-hours communications continue for long periods of time. 
  • Work-life balance is negatively affected. 
  • You may experience burnout, stress, and fatigue. 
  • You increase your employers’ expectations about your availability. 

In addition, legal issues surrounding whether you should be paid for those after-hours communications, particularly if you are a non-exempt employee. 

So, in reality, while you may feel obligated to check work communications after hours, it can actually do more harm than good if not balanced. 

Setting Up Your Personal Boundaries 

Ready to set up your personal boundaries at work, including turning off after hours communications? If so, here are three ways to help. 

1. Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries 

2. Keep Work Relationships Professional 

3. Learn to Say No to New Projects and Tasks 

Often, fear can interfere with setting too many boundaries at work. Counteract this by giving yourself permission to set boundaries in your life that will suit who you are and what you can offer. And yes, this can include turning off work communications after hours. 

Join our expert panel featuring Axiom Medical’s VP Dr. Les Kertay and listen to their expert views on this topic!


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