Brief Interventions For Depression

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Depression can descend on anyone and often involves a debilitating experience of low energy, mood swings, isolation, sadness, and a loss of interest in things once enjoyed. If you recognize any of these signs in someone you know, a quick intervention that works well is the Mental Health First-Aid Approach. Here is a list of brief interventions for depression.

Mental Health First-Aid Approach

The Mental Health First-Aid Approach involves the following three brief interventions for depression.

One-On-One Discussion

Wait for an opportunity when you are alone with the person and attempt a one-on-one discussion. Make sure it is just the two of you with no one else listening. Create a safe environment to share feelings, if they choose to, and use empathy to help them open up to you.

Non-Judgmental Listening

Engage the individual in a conversation so you can gain a better understanding of their situation. Start by asking questions like “How have you been feeling lately?”

Let them answer in their own way, in their own time, and listen quietly. Always remain respectful. This approach can make them feel more comfortable about opening up and not feeling judged about their mental health issues.

Encouraging to Accept Professional Help

Depression requires professional help. If someone struggles with depression for two weeks or more and, as a result, their daily functioning is disrupted, encourage them to seek and accept professional help.

Discuss treatment options with the person and offer to help them find the help they need. Please encourage them to contact their own doctor or health professional for recommendations or to schedule an appointment. Also, offer to accompany them to any appointment they make.

Professional help may include the following:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach focuses on helping the individual identify and then change their negative thoughts along with any associated behaviors. This approach allows them first to become aware of those negative thought patterns and then find ways to replace them, over time, with more positive ones.

Clinical Intervention

Clinical Intervention involves verbal or behavioral actions undertaken by a medical professional to alter the thoughts, emotions, or actions of someone suffering from depression and guide them to better mental health.

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