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Axiom OHP – Tools for Employees to Safety and Effectively Work

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Employee Health Management, Occupational Health Management, Workplace Safety

As Axiom’s Occupational Health Program Client Liaison, I interact with clients each day who are unsure of what type of testing their employee population needs.

As overwhelming as it may sometimes seem, the best part of my job is explaining how easy we make it for them!

We schedule all of the tests and exams, communicate directly with the vendors and review all of the results for accuracy.

Once everything is complete, we send a notification to the clients.  We do the work so that our clients can focus on the other important aspects of their jobs!

What types of tests are included in an Occupational Health Program?

Testing is specific to the organization’s employee population, but generally includes:

  • Pre-Employment Testing – Drug/Alcohol, Background Checks, Functional Capacity Exams
  • On-Demand Periodic/Random Testing
  • Absence Management – Short Term Disability, Return to work Exams
  • Post-Employment Testing

It’s time to simplify with a single solution!  Give us a call 281.419.7063 or check us out online www.AxiomLLC.com

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