An Employee’s Guide to Managing Financial Stress

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Axiom Medical, Employee Behavioral Health, Financial Stress, Workplace Mental Health

There are many aspects of wellness, one of which is financial. Finances significantly impact a person’s life, and financial stress can lead to many problems, including mental health concerns, relationship problems, and trouble keeping up with work. Here is an employee’s guide to managing financial stress.

guide to managing financial stress

Before we delve into the details of money-saving and managing financial stress, here is a fun quiz for you. Find out what’s your money-saving superpower?

4 Ways to Manage Financial Stress 

1. Have a System 

Track your income and spending. Be aware of how much money you have and where, what you owe, and the problem areas you have. Have a system for keeping track of everything. 

2. Take Your Time 

Try not to be hasty and loose with your finances. Allocate spending money and try to stop yourself from making impulse purchases you may regret. Take time to think about more significant purchases and consider one problem at a time instead of everything at once. 

3. Figure Out Problems and Solutions 

Find your problem areas and stressors, such as spending more than your budget or having high debt. Figure out solutions, such as a low-interest loan to pay off high-interest credit card debt, reducing spending to stay within your budget, or setting up automatic bill payment plans. 

4. Manage Other Stressors 

Seek out healthy ways to manage overall stress, such as seeing a mental health professional, learning more about finances, or practicing meditation. 

Many workplaces have employee wellness programs in place, including financial wellness programs designed to help employees manage their finances. These programs allow employees to solve financial problems and prevent issues by educating and teaching money management.  

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