Breakout Sessions

Morning Breakout Session – Group Leaders: Dara, Jordan, Chuck

“Measuring and Managing Your Appetite for Safety and Health Risk Efficiently”

  1. How do you currently measure your appetite for safety and health risk at your organization?
  2. Can you share any strategies or tools that have proven successful in managing these risks?
  3. How do you balance productivity with safety and health risks in your day-to-day operations?
  4. Can you describe any challenges you’ve faced in implementing a comprehensive safety and health risk management plan?
  5. How do you engage your team in understanding and managing their own safety and health risks?
  6. How has your appetite for safety and health risk evolved over time, and what changes have you made in response?
  7. What practices would you suggest to a company just starting to measure and manage their safety and health risks?
  8. How does your organization handle unexpected safety and health risks?
  9. How do you proactively identify emerging safety and health risks and incorporate them into your risk management strategy?
  10. Can you elaborate on the role of leadership in setting, communicating, and managing the organization’s appetite for safety and health risk?


Afternoon Breakout Session – Group Leaders: Chad, Dara, Scott  

“Safety Training – Challenges and Innovations That Will Shape the Future”

  1. What innovative strategies are currently being used in your organization to enhance safety training?
  2. Can you discuss a particular challenge you’ve faced regarding safety training and how you addressed it?
  3. How do you foresee technology reshaping the future of safety training in your organization?
  4. How do you balance the need for ongoing safety training with the operational demands of your organization?
  5. Can you share an example of how data analytics have been used in your organization to improve safety training?
  6. Can you share an example of a unique or groundbreaking approach to safety training that has been successfully implemented in your organization?
  7. How do you anticipate addressing the challenge of maintaining employee engagement in safety training as we move into the future?
  8. How has feedback from your team influenced the development and implementation of safety training programs?
  9. How do you foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement in safety training within your organization?
  10. How are you addressing the potential gap in digital literacy among your employees when it comes to implementing new safety training technologies?