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Testing Vault

Track, upload, & manage employee test results.

Axiom Medical offers Testing Vault, a feature within our Axiom Medical app designed to securely track and manage your employees’ test results.

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Vaccine vault tracking

Secure Repository

Upload and store your testing results securely


Easy Tracking

Track your employees’ test results


Stay Up-To-Date

Stay up-to-date with contact tracing and case history details.

What is Testing Vault?

  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard dates employee illness testing, their pending or results, and any scheduled tests
  • Offers ADA/HIPAA-compliant platform so employees can securely upload their test results by an outside vendor
  • Employers have access to all the data in the Axiom Client Portal, offering more details on employees’ records: pending, completed, and positive test results, approval status, and case history


Our 6-Step Approach

With Axiom Medical’s safe and secure Employee Healthcare Solutions, keep your workforce healthy!

STEP 1: Risk assessment

STEP 2: Infection control policy implementation and compliance

STEP 3: Health attestation

STEP 4: Vaccine tracking and test results

STEP 5: Contagious illness assessment and contact tracing

STEP 6: Return to work




Axiom Medical Can Help You

Let your employees confidently return to work with Axiom Medical’s support and population health expertise. Our Contagious Illness Case Management program includes exposure tracking and contact tracing, all available through our Axiom Medical app and Axiom Client Portal. Our team creates a case for each reported positive test result and works closely with the employees and employers to securely track and report exposure in the workplace. We develop an infection control policy to help clients implement a workplace risk mitigation program with cleaning and disinfection activities, policy implementation, and compliance protocols.

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