Medical Emergency Reassurance

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Employee Health Management, Injury Case Management, Workplace Safety

Two years ago, while conducting an operations meeting, I found myself in a situation nobody anticipates happening to them.  Sitting around a conference table, less than two feet away, one of my employees became unconscious while having a medical emergency.

I remember feeling paralyzed with fear, absolutely helpless as someone called 911.  The seconds felt like hours as they provided all of the information to the 911 dispatcher and we waited for an ambulance to arrive.

As a leader, my employees looked to me for answers, but without the personal interaction with someone I knew understood what I was going through, I was at a loss for answers.  Then I called one of our Axiom nurses.

I will never forget how calming and reassuring her voice was as she talked me through what to do as the employee thankfully regained consciousness before the ambulance arrived.

That day changed me in very profound ways.  I experienced first-hand how frightening a medical emergency can be and how responsible I felt.  While I always knew how important of a role our nurses have, what she did for me that day could never be repaid.

What would you do?
In times of immediate need, do you and your employees have access to that voice of reassurance?  Someone that understands exactly what you do and will be your comfort in the times that matter most?

We like to think of Axiom as your outsourced “in house” medical department.  You have the same benefits of having every doctor, nurse, and lab on staff, but you and your employees can access them nationwide.

-How It Works-

Take comfort in knowing you and your employees are covered when an illness or injury might arise.  For more information, give us call at 281.465.7100.

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