With home and work responsibilities continuing to build and overlap today, mothers are often feeling overwhelmed. As a result, many are experiencing what’s known as working mom burnout, an alarmingly real condition affecting their mental health. 

Signs of working mom burnout include: 

  • inability to give your all at work or at home 
  • feeling a lack of meaning or worthiness 
  • feeling guilty while at work or while at home 
  • feeling pulled in too many directions and not able to be there for your work or your children 
  • neglecting your own health 
  • feeling lethargic upon awakening 
  • suffering from insomnia 
  • inability to focus 
  • mood swings 
  • physical symptoms such as upset stomach, shortness of breath, or headaches 

Ways to Cope with Working Mom Burnout 

If you experience any of the above, try the following ways to cope. 

  • Reach out to trusted family and friends to express your feelings. 
  • Accept advice and offers of help from loved ones. 
  • Schedule regular breaks for yourself, even if they are just 15 minutes at a time, and train yourself not to feel guilty for spending this time on yourself. 
  • Look for ways to delegate or outsource parts of your home life. 
  • Initiate time savors, such as shopping online or curbside pickup. 
  • Determine your priorities, and learn to be okay with not being perfect at everything. 
  • Set boundaries and communicate these to others. 
  • Utilize an employee-focused or workplace-focused behavioral health app. 
  • Practice more self-compassion. 

Also, let your direct supervisor or boss know that you are experiencing stress or burnout and discuss: 

  • potential changes to your schedule, 
  • how to add in more flexibility, 
  • ways to delegate tasks, and 
  • when to schedule time off. 

Maintain an open dialogue with your boss, expressing your needs and remaining open to finding the solutions you need. 


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