Fast-Track To OSHA COVID Compliance Summit

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Axiom Medical, Axiom News, OSHA

It’s summit time!

Ready or not, the OSHA 2.0 mandates are almost here and are expected to impact regulated workplace health management drastically. With strict vaccination and weekly testing requirements and increased fines for each noncompliance instance, the stakes have never been higher and many employers’ professional reputations are on the line.

Fast Track to OSHA COVID Compliance

Join us for the half-day FREE Fast Track to OSHA COVID Compliance Summit, hosted by Axiom Medical. Our speaker panel, consisting of top industry experts and Axiom’s executives, will cover everything you need to know about OSHA’s newest mandates through a series of eight (8) 30-minute fast track sessions.

Summit Agenda:

  • OSHA 2.0 Expectations
  • Human Resources and Legal Implications
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Preparing for Unannounced OSHA Inspections
  • Data Cycle Security and Management
  • Total Worker Health in the New Modern World
  • Mental Health Complexities of Difficult Employment Decisions
  • Best Practices for Launching Your OSHA COVID Compliance Programs

Summit Speakers:

Dr. David Michaels

Epidemiologist and Professor, Ex-Secretary OSHA

Time Slot: 10:00 AM CT – 10:30 AM CT – Welcome/Keynote

Dr. David Michaels, a renowned public speaker, epidemiologist, and George Washington University School of Public Health professor, was the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) from 2009-2017. With years of experience in the health and safety industry, Dr. Michaels’s recent focus is on improving workers’ health and their protection from SARS-CoV-2 exposure. Dr. Michaels was on the Biden Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board and is a member of the Lancet Commission on COVID-19 Safe Work, Safe School, and Safe Travel Task Force. Dr. Michaels will be the keynote speaker at Axiom Medical’s Fast Track to OSHA COVID Compliance Summit.

Chuck Kable

Chief Legal/HR Officer, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 10:30 AM CT – 11:00 AM CT – Human Resources and Legal Implications

Chuck Kable, CLO for Axiom Medical, leads the legal and human resources departments and has been the chief advisor for legal and risk mitigation. With deep and broad experience in healthcare and a forward-looking approach to strategic risk-taking, Chuck ensures Axiom Medical remains on the cutting edge of occupational health. Mr. Kable will address human resources and legal implications of the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Regulations.

Mark Robinson

President and CEO, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 11:00 AM CT – 11:30 AM CT – Environmental, Social, and Governance

With over 30+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and executive, Mark Robinson understands the importance of making significant impacts and driving strong returns on investment. Mark will lead the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) section of the summit and share his expert views on the new OSHA workplace mandates.

Conner Trotter

HSS Area Manager, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 11:30 AM CT – 12:00 PM CT – Preparing for Unannounced OSHA Inspections

If an OSHA investigator arrived for an unannounced inspection, would your business be compliant with OSHA’s forthcoming COVID-19 workplace mandates? Tune in for industry insight, areas of focus, and steps you should be taking today to prepare for the unexpected, led by Conner Trotter.

Linda White

IT and Security Director, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 12:00 PM CT – 12:30 PM CT – Data Cycle Security and Management

Linda White, Axiom’s IT and Cyber Security Director, has years of experience and proven technical and interpersonal skills to deliver innovative, secure customer-centric solutions while aligning to corporate initiatives, protecting the enterprise, and increasing revenue. Linda will be sharing best practices for data security, employee health documentation storage, and resumed OSHA recordkeeping requirements.

Scott Cherry

Chief Medical Officer, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 12:30 PM CT – 01:00 PM CT – Total Worker Health in the New Modern World

Dr. Scott Cherry, Axiom’s Chief Medical Officer, is dual board-certified in the medical specialties of Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Public Health & General Preventive Medicine. Dr. Cherry brings his occupational health expertise to assist employers with protecting the health and safety of their workforce. Dr. Cherry will speak to total worker health in the new modern world.

Dara Wheeler

Chief Marketing Officer, Axiom Medical

As Axiom’s CMO, Dara Wheeler combines her marketing passion and years of industry experience to deliver innovative, and effective work-related employee health solutions. She has been the driving force for developing Axiom’s comprehensive OSHA COVID Compliance Programs and will jointly present on total worker health in a new modern world with Dr. Scott Cherry.

Dr. Les Kertay

Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health, Axiom Medical

Time Slot: 01:00 PM CT – 01:30 PM CT – Mental Health Complexities of Difficult Employment Decisions 

Change can be a challenge for all! Nationwide, employers are having to make complex employment decisions to maintain safe and healthly workplaces. Unfortuantely, these decisions also impact the mental wellness of your teams. Join Dr. Les Kertay as he addresses workplace mental health, employer responsiblity, and quickly developing trends. You can’t afford to miss this!

Denis Baker

Director, HSE at Ferguson Enterprises

Time Slot: 01:30 PM CT – 02:00 PM CT – Best Practices for Launching Your OSHA COVID Compliance Programs

Change is coming! Are you ready? Join professional safety speaker and HSE Director, Denis Baker, for OSHA 2.0 dos and don’ts. In this session, Denis will be offering insight into all things health and safety, covering vital best practices for effectively launching your own OSHA COVID Compliance Program. Can you keep a secret? It may be easier than you think!

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