CheckIn2Work Release 2 Now Features Vaccine Record Tracking

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Axiom News, CheckIn2Work

Axiom Medical’s CheckIn2Work Release 2 with Vaccine Record Tracking is here! No matter the unique need, we’ve got you covered as “caring is the best medicine!”

As part of the new release, we have created a way for employers to track user vaccination records. To utilize the new features, users simply opt-in to the program and offer the vaccination information themselves.

Did you know Axiom Medical also administers vaccines? Complete the form below by clicking the button for additional information as to how you can get started today!

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CheckIn2Work Release 2 Vaccine Tracking:

CheckIn2Work Vaccine RecordCurious as to how it works?  Simply follow the steps below:

  • In the CheckIn2Work application, the mobile or the web-version, a user can simply click on “Add New” under Vaccination Record to opt-in.
  • After accepting the terms of use, the user will answer several questions regarding the vaccine, such as date received, vaccine type, and location.
  • Upload an image of the vaccination card and submit.  From there, Axiom Medical’s nurses and case managers will review the vaccination record and verify the validity within national vaccine databases.
  • Once verified, the user will receive notification of the vaccination record being accepted and approved.
  • If, however, there are issues with the user’s submission, a notification will be sent notifying him/her about the issue with instructions for resolution.  Typically, such minor issues are associated with vaccine dosage or inaccurate vaccination card images.

Vaccine Record Home screenVaccine record overview

What will the user expect to see? Screenshots are included below.

In this last image, if the user leaves the “Vaccination Facility” section blank, our nurses and case managers will send a notification saying, “Please enter the name and address where the vaccination was administered.” Upon submitting the required information, Axiom Medical will receive the vaccination record for further review.


As for reporting, we offer very robust reporting features available via email and accessible via the Axiom Client Portal for self-service.


Based on your feedback, this new Vaccination Record Program is described as a very user-friendly feature and hugely successful when combined with a client-specific internal incentive program.

Interested in learning about best practices for increasing vaccination rates among staff?  We are happy to share how our many partners are using the feature in CheckIn2Work, paired with an added incentive program.

Have a question or wondering if the new programs and features would suit your employee health needs?  Please reach out to me, personally, and I am happy to guide you through the easy-to-navigate technology improving the health and safety of organizations worldwide!

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Axiom Medical also offers nurse case management for all illnesses and injuries on the job (In addition to the COVID-related services). As a part of our OnSite Vaccine Program, we offer COVID-19 Testing, vaccine administering at the workplace, health and safety supervisors, background checks, drug testing, FMLA/Disability/Maternity Leave management, and many other employee health management services.


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