3 Ways to Sustain Workforce Resilience

by | May 2, 2022 | Axiom Medical, Workforce Resiliency, Workplace Mental Health

Emerging models for work now favor building a workforce that implements the concept of sustainable organizational resilience instead of efficiency. Sustainable organizational resilience is when a workforce can adapt to change and have the ability to continuously adapt to change, rather than only adapt once or twice to massive changes. There are several key ideas that will help employers build sustainable organizational resilience. Here are the top 3 ways to sustain workforce resilience.

1. Favor Skills Over Education in New Talent 

Employers need to focus on building a team of employees with valuable skillsets rather than depending on a traditional hiring model. Skills are far more essential and valuable when it comes time to adapt to sudden changes. To help add new skills to the team, employers should look internally for employees that might have skills (coding, writing, website building, etc.) but are not using them in their current positions. They can also scout for talent with skillsets without making education and background a requirement. 

2. Accept New Ideas 

It’s essential to foster an environment of acceptance to encourage new ideas. When an employee finds an alternative solution to streamline or improve workflow, employers should not be hesitant to use these ideas to build a sustainable, more resilient workforce. 

3. Implement Hybrid Work Models 

Hybrid work models allow for flexibility and are one of the best ways to hire employees with various skill sets. Telework models tear down barriers some employees might have when working, such as location or physical disabilities. It’s also important to encourage collaboration and communication between employees and managers to make the hybrid model more effective.

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