A new, workforce behavioral health app from Axiom Medical.


Tempo Live is a science-based behavioral health app, developed exclusively for building and maintaining high-performing, safe, healthy, and resilient workforces.  Routine, in-app health assessments detect changes in the employee’s behavioral wellness and minimize the risk of mental health crisis by providing proactive first aid with 24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.

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Keep the small things small and minimize the risk of mental health crisis with routine, in-app health assessments and early intervention first aid.

easy to use

Always available, easily accessible app-based health technology with easy-to-follow mood icons for behavioral health screening.  24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.


Tempo Live utilizes best-practice, proven frameworks for data security, privacy protection, and compliance.

Workplace Behavioral Health is an Equation Tempo Live Solves

Tempo Live makes the impossible, possible!  Exclusively designed for an on-the-go workforce, complex behavioral health needs are easily identified and medically addressed anytime, anywhere.

Mobile In-App Assessment

Easy-to-follow mood indicator prompts.

Stress Level Monitoring

Closely monitor stress levels for optimal health & wellness.

Resilience Scores

Evaluate performance & agility.


Proactive Intervention

Avoid risk of mental health crisis with early detection.

Medical Case Management

24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.

Referral Network

Seamless integration with existing provider/specialist networks.

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food services/delivery

travel & hospitality


tv & film


maritime services

warehouse & shipping


Workforces Thrive with Tempo Live

Tempo Live’s proactive, comprehensive approach helps you build and maintain a resilient, safe, and behaviorally-health-conscious work environment with ongoing support at every turn your business faces.

Secure Mobile Health Technology

Behavioral health on the go.  Secure mobile application for routine in-app health assessments, health resources, and licensed medical professionals.

Roadmap & Strategy

What’s service without support?  Dedicated account managers work closely with your organization to develop purpose-driven goals and strategic initiatives for building and maintaining a resilient workforce.

Advanced Data Analytic Reporting

Rely on advanced data analytic reporting to identify changes in your employee population.

User Centric Experiences

Easy, user-friendly health technology, exclusively designed to meet the unique needs of your workforce.

Access to Licensed Medical Professionals

24/7 nationwide access to licensed medical professionals.

Mental Health First Aid

Avoid mental health crisis with immediate intervention and use of mental health first aid measures.

End-to-End Case Management

Ongoing behavioral health support and monitoring throughout recovery.

Data Security

Securely collects and stores health data, adhering to privacy protection best practices and SOC 2 certification.


Application programming interface (API) support for employee assistance programs (EAP), insurance carrier, or provider networks.


Introducing Tempo Live from Axiom Medical

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