Axiom Medical offers a wide range of Employee Testing services to help employers maintain the health and wellbeing of their workforce while meeting their workplace healthcare goals. Our total employee health programs are designed to help your staff throughout their employee health journey.

What Are Different Types of Employee Tests?


Employee-specific testing can be pre-hire assessments, fit-for-duty exams, and diagnostic tests conducted at the workplace.  Axiom Medical offers the following types of employee testing services.

Axiom Medical Employee Testing What’s Offered
Pre-Hire Employee Testing Scheduling and Customizable Onsite Tests
Hazwoper Onsite and Off-site
COVID-19 Testing Onsite and At-home Test Kit
Flu & Strep Mobile Clinic
Asbestos Mandatory Testing and Annual Exam Reminder
Drug & Alcohol  For DOT and non-DOT Employees
DOT Physical Regular and Pre-Employment
Respirator Tests Three Respirator and Pulmonary Function Test
Silica Testing Testing as Per OSHA’s Standards
Functionality Capacity Exam FCE Pre-Employment Exam


Drug & Alcohol Testing:


Axiom Medical’s onsite testing team designs and implements employer-specific drug and alcohol programs for DOT, Non-DOT, and non-DOT (safety-sensitive) employees. We offer Pre-Employment, Random, Post-Incident, and Reasonable Cause testing as a part of our Drug & Alcohol testing.

Drug & Alcohol Testing


DOT Physical Exams:


Axiom Medical offers both DOT and non-DOT pre-employment physical exams, comprising of all the five required testing components to ensure both DOT and non-DOT workers are fit to perform their tasks safely.

DOT Physical Exams


Respirator Tests:


Our respirator tests include three different respirator and pulmonary function exams. Based on the employer’s needs, Axiom Medical partners with the client and oversees the entire process, starting from scheduling to testing for an efficient overall process.

Respirator Fit Exam


Silica Testing:

Axiom Medical’s comprehensive silica testing program is designed to help employers comply with OSHA’s silica standards. Our program minimizes healthcare costs and absence from work.

Silica Exam


COVID-19 Testing:


We conduct onsite employee COVID-19 testing as per employers and employees’ convenience. Our mobile labs are equipped to conduct mass testing, ideal for large office gatherings and events. Our COVID-19 testing includes:


  • Onsite PCR Saliva Test
  • Antigen Testing
  • At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit
  • COVID-19 Antibody Testing

COVID-19 Testing


FLU & Strep Testing:


Axiom Medical conducts onsite and off-site flu and strep testing as per clients’ requests and needs.

OnSite Flu Clinic


Hazwoper Testing:


Axiom provides everything clients need to complete the required Hazwoper exam for those employees needing to obtain their Hazwoper certification. Our testing also includes notification of mandated annual re-occurrence of exams.



Asbestos Exam:


Asbestos exposure causes 15,000 causalities in the USA every year. Axiom Medical provides Asbestos Exams for clients needing to test their employees, mandated by the asbestos mandatory testing regulations. We schedule all components of asbestos mandatory testing and communicate with the employer regarding periodic annual exam notifications.

Asbestos Exam


Functional Capacity Exam – Physical Capability


Axiom Medical offers Functional Capacity Exams (FCE) as part of our pre-employment exam, often conducted during the pre-hire process to correctly determine if the candidate can safely perform job duties. We offer both modified FCEs or a full FCE depending on your needs. The Functional Capacity Exam is more comprehensive than the DOT or non-DOT physical and assesses each employee’s job function, based on specific testing tailored for that role.


Custom-Tailored Tests:


At Axiom Medical, we understand the specific testing needs at a workplace and the complexities of managing a growing workforce’s health and safety. Our team can customize any testing programs to fit your periodic and ongoing employee testing needs at the workplace.


Axiom Medical’s Pre-employment Screening & Testing:


An organization’s workforce is its most important asset. Axiom Medical understands the importance of pre-hiring screenings. Our employee testing also has pre-employment screening and testing programs to help organizations make the right hiring decisions. Employers opting for pre-hire screening tend to have higher productivity and lower turnover, positively affecting overall revenue.  Hiring the wrong people, in contrast, can negatively impact your overall business productivity and waste valuable training and development dollars. Axiom Medical’s Pre-employment Testing and new screening tools can help HR professionals minimize the hiring time, while selecting the most qualified individuals suitable for the job.


How Axiom Medical Conducts Pre-Employment Screening/Tests?

Axiom Medical understands pre-employment screening and testing must be legal, reliable, and equitable and follow state and federal regulations. Our tests and pre-employment screening are designed to help employers stay compliant, while keeping their workforces healthy.


Do you want employee testing services at your worksite? Axiom Medical can help. Contact us today!

They Said It!

I believe with confidence that we are reaching all of our expected goals by bringing Axiom on as an outsourced case management solution.

Axiom has helped us closely monitor the injured employee’s progress through the medical treatment process. Early treatment has kept our employees at work when in the past they would have likely taken time off or been placed off by a physician.

I recommend Axiom because their Nurse Case Management Team is their biggest asset. They are accessible, give great reports and are responsive to our needs.



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