COVID Risk Calculator

Terms of Additional Services

The Axiom Medical COVID-19 Risk Calculator is provided for informational purposes only, and is only currently set up assess risk in the United States. The risk scores presented in this calculator are derived from continuously changing data, therefore scores can and will change over time. This tool is only meant to provide insight into potential risk and is dependent upon each variable entered by you, therefore, the score generated is dependent on the inputs at that time as well.

This tool is in no way intended to override or supersede guidance from the government and health organizations in the United States and/or around the world. The data driving the risk scores changes daily as it is updated. Axiom Medical assumes no responsibility or liability for any lost profits, loss of business, business interruption, COVID-19 outbreak, injury, other sickness or damage to persons or property arising out of or related to any direct or indirect use or reliance upon the tool, regardless of the correctness, accuracy or inaccuracy of the inputs and/or outputs generated by such tool.

PLEASE NOTE: (1) in counties where specific data is not made public, the reported state rates will be used for those variables; and (2) in counties and/or states where specific data is not made public, the reported national rate will be used for those variables.