Checkin2Work – Additional Terms


Terms of Additional Services

These Terms of Additional Services explain how Axiom Medical through its app CheckIn2Work (the “App”) will process your Personal Information collected as part of the testing, screening, and health assessment services Axiom Medical Provides to its clients, which may include COVID-19 or other health tests. This Policy should be read in conjunction with, and more details about data use and rights can be found, in the Axiom Medical’s data privacy policies, a copy of which has been provided to you or can be made available at your request.

Purpose and Legal Basis:

We are collecting and processing certain Personal Information for the purpose of protecting the health, safety and welfare of our clients’ workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic. Axiom Medical’s clients rely on the legitimate interest of protecting its workforces for this purpose. For special categories of data, such as sensitive health data included in your responses on the App or in any health tests, we rely on the grounds that this processing activity is necessary for our legal duties and responsibilities as an employer to provide a safe and secure working environment. We may also rely on your explicit consent if we need to share information with third parties.

Type and Sources of Personal Information:

We will collect your Personal Information directly from you, when you answer the relevant questions in the App. This will include your name, role, work location, production code (if relevant) and whether or not you are experiencing any of a range of symptoms associated with COVID-19. We do record your answers to individual health-related questions, but these answers are only used to assess your ‘cleared’ or ‘not cleared’ status’ for the purpose of determining whether you are allowed to be present on the relevant workplace. We may also collect, using a testing provider, the results of COVID-19 and other health tests. For positive tests, we may also conduct contact tracing with you to determine other individuals with whom you may have been in close contact and areas or locations where you may have been.

Sharing and retention:

The Personal Information we hold as a result of you using our App or participating in any of our processes (namely, your name and email address associated with a historical record of your ‘cleared’ or ‘not cleared’ status over time, your test results, and your responses to contact tracing questions) may be shared with Axiom Medical’s client as necessary for the protection of the client’s workforce and to enable business-critical decisions, in particular regarding security, HR, health personnel, management and your direct supervisor(s). Where necessary, this information may also be shared with those service providers that operate and maintain the App. Those service providers will only use the data for our purposes and at our direction. We will disclose your test results and contact tracing responses where directed by you, to conduct contact tracing with you, and to enable business-critical decisions where your identity is required. We may disclose this information to local health authorities where permitted or required by law. Your personal information will be retained for as long as is necessary for the purposes described above.

CheckIn2Work Terms of Additional Services effective: October 16, 2020.