3 Ways to Set Your Employees Up for an Injury Free Shift

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Injury Case Management

It often takes a serious injury or death to change safety policies within an organization.  Do you want to learn 3 simple ways to set your employees up for an injury-free shift?

Read on, and set a new standard for safe working conditions your employees will want to follow!

Managers: It’s Up To You!

Often, workplace safety takes a backseat to more “important” issues, such as productivity, profit and growth. Making safety a priority in the workplace always starts with the employer.

If you aren’t taking the steps to ensure an injury-free workplace, neither will your employees.

Be a model for change, and lower your recordable rate by following our top 3 safety tips!

Step #1: Make Safety a Regular Topic for Discussion

If you don’t speak about safety with regular ‘toolbox talks’, it can lead to serious consequences. Create ongoing, interactive safety trainings that remains in the forefront of your employees’ minds!

Here are a few ways you can take the lead in always choosing safety first:

  • Encourage employees to report any unsafe conditions;
  • Attend regular safety meetings with mandatory attendance for all employees;
  • Have a safety committee in place and encourage participation;
  • Participate in regular facility walk-thru’s;
  • Include safety goals and objectives as part of the company budget.

Step #2: How Well Do You Really Know Your Employees?

A little input goes a long way.

Ask for employee input on how to create and keep a safer working environment with the very employees that work around safety hazards!

Speak to employees at their desk, on-site, in the field, or on the shop-room floor.

Listen to their concerns and let them know what you are doing to fix a potentially hazardous situation.

Show them your concern for their well-being and follow-up regularly. (It’s been proven time and again that an employee who is allowed to contribute ideas is more likely to execute and commit to them).

Step #3: Review all Safety Close-Calls and Injuries

Just as important as implementing new safety measures is taking the time to review your company’s past injuries and safety issues.

By simply paying attention to what went wrong in the past, you’re not only showing your employees its importance, but you’re also demonstrating your dedication to keeping your employees healthy and safe!

Reviewing what went wrong in the past is a powerful tool for improving the future!

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