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Respirator Tests and PROTECTION Programs

OSHA Guidelines state that an employer shall provide a medical evaluation to determine an employee's ability to use a respirator. This evaluation must take place before the employee is fitted for or required to use a respirator in the workplace.

These evaluations are a necessity, being that a respirator often places a physiological burden on some employees – which can vary depending on the type of respirator worn, physical demand of the job, workplace conditions and medical status of the employee.

  • Verify that your employees are medically able to wear a respirator
  • Ensure compliance with governmental regulation


Axiom provides Pulmonary and Respirator Function Exam options based on the duties being performed by the employee. Choose from the OSHA required Respirator Questionnaire, Respirator Fit Test, and/or the Pulmonary Function Test to identify any medical conditions that could place an employee at risk while on the job.

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