Axiom Medical is now offering support for COVID-19 employee management. Visit our webpage for up-to-date best practices and employer resources.

Return to Work Services

When your employees are out of work for three or more days due to a personal injury, Axiom’s Employee Absence Management services offer around the clock care to ensure a safe and quick return to work. Our nurses act as a guide for the injured employee throughout the entire recovery journey while also keeping the employer updated of his/her return status. In addition to evaluating an employee’s current disability and establish appropriate treatment plans, Axiom also manages all the necessary documentation such as FMLA forms. Other EAM services include:

  • Return to Work -- Our team of registered nurses will determine when your employees are safe to return to work with a Fit For Duty Exam (FFD). The FFD enables them to return to the job safely while maximizing productivity.  

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