5 Common Misconceptions About Incident Case Management

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Employee Health Management, Employee Health Medical Management, Injury Case Management, Occupational Health Management

How many times have you heard these misconceptions:

While we typically find out the facts about such common age-old misconceptions, many have not heard the truth regarding effective management of employee injuries.

Here’s your chance to clear up the misconceptions related to managing occupational health incidents and identify solutions which will impact the health and wellbeing of employees, all while making your life easier.


1.  We already know first aid measures.

While everybody is a “nurse at heart”, there is truly a science that accompanies incident case management.  Yes, many first aid measure recommendations may utilize over the counter medications or implements, but to be of help and not harm, an employee’s injury should be assessed by a licensed medical professional, who is able to review the employee’s HIPAA protected medical history to provide effective treatment recommendations.

For example, a medical professional may not consider use of over the counter acetaminophen if an injured worker has a history of stomach ulcers, which might induce bleeding.


2.  Medical case management is only needed if an injury doesn’t improve.

Yikes!  This is one of the most costly mistakes employers can make.  Did you know that a delay in treatment by even one day can increase the chance of OSHA recordability by 60% and significantly extend the recovery duration?  The earlier an injury is reported and treated, the sooner recovery and productive working can begin.


3.  All injuries should be sent to clinics.

Wrong – most injuries can be managed telephonically by nurse case managers.  In fact, over 65% of cases called into Axiom are managed in house without a clinic visit needed.


4.  Turning over treatment to an incident case management company leads to uninformed company management and replaces the safety representative role.

Communication and trust are essential components of every effective relationship, which include incident management.  Axiom bridges the gap between all parties at the time of injury to ensure the employee receives the RIGHT treatment at the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT outcome!

We work closely with safety/management representatives to keep the team updated of the employee’s status, but remove the burden and responsibility of medical decision making.


5.  Cost and remote locations limit utilization of incident case management services.

False!  For every $1.00 spent on incident case management, you are receiving $3.00 – $5.00 in return – it’s just that simple!  Axiom’s dedicated group of licensed medical professionals and accredited specialists are skilled in conducting comprehensive medical assessments and giving medical treatment recommendations.

The beauty of telephonic case management is that it can be accessed directly from every work site 24/7, increasing productivity and efficiency, while immediately initiating the healing process for employees.

Should the severity of an injury require formal medical attention, Axiom gives you access to over 20,000 vetted medical facilities and will oversee treatment from beginning to end.



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